Houses of Worship

Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 8th & Geary, San Francisco

Bounced check,  un-vaccinated,  un-masked,  anti gay and anti choice.

All Souls, 315 Walnut, South San Francisco
A very nice system with A Symetrix Solus is the heart. QSC CX amplifiers, Shure ULXP wireless and Community SLS920 & SLS915's in birch.
Baha'i Center, 170 Valencia, San Francisco, (415) 431-9990.
A beautiful art-deco building run by some pretty wonderful people. The acoustics are tremendous, probably a NC-5. Flown left, center, right are 3 Community SLS960's with 2 flown surrounds of Community CPL46's. All powered by Crown K-2's. The Community SBS25 subwoofers are custom fitted into the stage powered by a Crown MA-3600. System control is by a Crown IQ USM-810. Custom stage pockets are by Ace Backstage and custom patch panels are laser engraved by Rapco. Power sequencing is by Furman. The mixing console is a Mackie SR24 VLZPro. Shure UC wireless's.

Buddhist Temple of Marin. 390 Miller Ave., Mill Valley
Even small buildings deserve nice sound systems. 4 Community CSV8 loudspeakers on OmniMounts with Crown power. A Mackie mixer controls the Crown PCC-170SW and LM-201B microphones with Rane eq's. Rack by Raxxess. A Furman power center and a Denon cassette deck complete the system.

Buddhist Monastery of Berkeley
A very nice little system with high quality componets. Shure microphones and wirelesses and a DFR11EQ5 digital processor, Community CSV800 loudspeakers, QSC power and a Rane MLM82A mic mixer that feeds the PA and a Rane SM26B splitter. The splitter provides for isolated feeds to the various recording equipment and web casting. A Raxxess rack and a Furman power center complete the installation. The main technical person and great guy, John Hall, owns and operates Sausalito Networking, Inc.
Calvary United Methodist Church 1400 Judah, SF (416) 566-3704
Shure wireless with Countryman E6 microphones & Phonic Ear assitive listening devices

Chinese Congregational Church, 21 Walter A. Lum Place, San Francisco Located in San Francisco's historic Chinatown, overlooking Portsmouth Square, the church was built in 1863. Wonderful sound system with Community CPL42's for the mains and CSV8's flown for the monitors. All Crown K series power with Symetrix EQ's, a Mackie console, Shure UC wireless's and Crown LA-201 lecturn microphones. All equipment housed in beautiful cabinets by Omnirax.

Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, 290 Dolores, San Francisco (415)861-6932
Bay Area's leading lesbian & gay synagogue. (construction picture) New sanctuary has Community SLS915's with Crown Com-Tech CT-410 power. Two OmniRax oak racks hidden under their Ark house a Rane RPM2 digital processor, along with a Rane MLM82 mic/line mixer and distributed audio to the rest of the facility with Oxmoor DA's and Anchor Audio powered monitors. Power conditioning/ sequencing by Furman. All microphones are Shure MX418's. Their Oneg room has an older Community system with Community RS Jr.'s. The Cantor is a fantastic singer, Sharon Bernstein. She sings like an angel.

CrossWinds, 6444 Sierra Ct., Dublin, CA (925)551-3300
Six Community RS 660's in stereo clusters of three, Community VBS415's. All Carver PM1201's & PT2400's power. Rane GE30's, Oxmoor DA's, Symetrix Limiter/Compressors, Crown CM-700 microphones and Community XLT41E stage monitors.Lobby system includes video & six Community CSV8B's with Symetrix 422 AGC.

Ebenezer Lutheran Church, 678 Portola, San Francisco  Shure mics & mixer

El Bethel Baptist Church, 1320 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco

We spent a day just fixing the wiring and adjusting levels at this wonderfull church that does so much for the community.

First CCC of Samoa, Daly City

Installed NOS Community CSX35S2 loudspeakers.

First Congregational Church, 1912 Central, Alameda (510) 522-6012
A beautiful old church with maybe the nicest people you'd ever meet.
Rack system has Monster power conditioning, Shure ULXP wireless, Rane MLM103 mixer and RPM2 digital processor. Loudspeakers are Community SLS915's powered by a QSC CX702.

First United Presbyterian Church, 1740 Sloat Blvd., San Francisco, (415) 759-3700. Sanctuary has 4 Community SLS915's with CSV28M monitors. All powered by Crown "K" series amps. Mackie mixer, Shure and Crown LM300's microphones. Power conditioning/ sequencing by Furman. Their social hall has Community CSV28M's with a Rane MLM82 mixer and a Crown CE1000 amplifier. Other equipment includes Niles volume controls, OmniMounts, and Community CSV8's. The church's steeple has become home to a massive cell phone repeater system. Their wireless mics don't show interference, they just don't work.  There's massive RF and EMI around the building, I hope they don't allow children there?

Holy Angels Church, 107 San Pedro Rd., Colma (650) 755-0478
Beautiful church and nice people! 2 Community CSV800T's augment the existing main system. We've installed another system just for the choirs and music groups. 2 Community SLS 915's fill the church powered by a QSC CX1102 amplifier.The equipment is housed in a rolling, lockable cabinet by Raxxess and features a 16 channel Mackie mixer, a Furman power center and an automatic feedback reducer from Shure.  Update- October 2012- replaced the main system with new Danley SH95 loudspeakers all powered by QSC CX1102s with Rane RPM26z processing, Rane AM2 mixer and a SurgeX power conditioner. Ambu mic is now an Earthworks.  The CSV800T delay loudspeakers had the 70 volt transformers removed so they are now 8 ohm cabinets with a QSC CX404 amplifier. Fr. Manuel says he now has the best sound system of any church!

Holy Child and St.Martin Episcopal Church 777 Southgate Ave., Daly City
Community CPL42's loudspeakers, QSC ISA750 amplifier, Rane MLM103 mixer and RPM2 digital processor, Monster PRO2500 power conditioner/ sequencer, Shure ULXP wireless with a Countryman E6i microphone.

Holy Spirit Church, 1050 North Texas St., Fairfield, (707) 425-3138
A very nice church with great people. Beautiful sound system with a Community SLS920 in each of the 3 soffits. Powered by a QSC CX1102 and digitally controlled with a Shure DFR22. All priests are now using the Countryman E6 ear worn microphones, which sounds fantastic!

Hope Presbyterian Church of San Francisco, 3201 Ulloa St. San Francisco
Very nice church with a new soundbooth with a HSA Roll Top Desk, Community SLS915 loudspeakers for mains and Community CSV8s for rear fill. Digital processing is a Rane RPM 2. Custom stage panels by Ace Backstage. Monster Pro-2500 AC power conditioning.
Jerusalem Baptist Church, 398 Sheridan, Palo Alto, (650) 325-9022
All it took was 2 Community SLS920 loudspeakers to transform this church into a building that really sounds great. Powered by a Crown CL2 with a Rane ME30B equalizer.

John Knox Presbyterian Church, 7421 Amarillo Rd., Dublin, (925) 828-1846
Growing young congregation, recently remodeled with all new sound system. Mackie Designs SR24 mixing console, Crown 800CSL amplifiers, loudspeakers by Community: XLT-43's with OmniMount brackets and hidden CSV8 choir monitors, Furman power conditioning, Crown and Shure microphones and Shure wireless systems, Ace Backstage floor pockets, Anchor Audio AN100's for the nursery and stage monitors.

Korean Central Presbyterian Church, 50 Northridge, Daly City
Maybe the best new construction job I've ever been on. Place high on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Pastor and his wife (or sometimes the Deacons) would come at noon everyday and cook all the workers lunch. The architect was also the project manager. His name is Gene Kim and he's a great and nice guy.
A Crest HP-8/40 mixing console commands a Left, Center Right array of Community SLS960's (in birch). Community SB25 subwoofers in stereo. Custom 42 channel snake, Community CSV8 and XLTE41U monitors and all of the priests with Shure ULXP wireless with Countryman E6's. All amps are QSC CX1102's. Pwer sequencing is by a Furman ASD-120. Digital processing by a Community DXP4800. Each loudspeaker has it's own amp channel and each amplifier has it's own 20 amp circuit.

Mission Dolores,  3321 16th St., San Francisco

Basilica:  Exceptional music program led by Master Organist Jerome Lenk. Renkus-Heinz IC24-2 loudspeakers, Rane digital processor, Renkus-Heinz IC7's for delay and SGX41's for monitors with QSC CX702 amplifiers. Earthworks FM360 podium & Shure MX393 & SM57 microphones. Choir mics are Countryman. Surge-X SEQ power conditioner/sequencer. Expert commissioning by Rocky Giannetta of Layer 8. Superb carpentry by David Kohlmeister.

Old Mission:  Innovox SLA-6.1 loudspeaker, Lab Gruppen IPD2400 amplifier and Lectrosonics wireless mic with an Earthworks cartridge.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 134 Hemlock, Redwood City, (650) 368-5705
Great choir with a dynamic pastor. Rane system processor, Lab Gruppen amplifiers, Mackie mixing console, Shure wireless microphone systems, Community CSV8 loudspeakers, Ace Backstage floor pockets, and a real Hammond with Leslie's! Recent upgrades include a Countryman E6 microphone for Pastor Campbell and a Monster Pro-3500 power conditioner that really reduced the noise. Recording with aTascam CD-RW700 and an Octave 7 disc duplicator, they're road-ready with some beautiful cases from ASA.

Our Lady Of The Pillar, 400 Church St. Half Moon Bay (650) 726-4674

Beautiful church, Countryman microphones, Shure wireless'

Pine United Methodist Church, 426 33rd Ave. SF (415) 387-1800
Architectually stunning acousticts in the church. Community Cloud 6 loudspeakers run at 8 ohms with a QSC CX502 amplifier. Rane MLM82a mixer and Shure ULXP wireless mics with a Countryman E6 microphone.
Providence Baptist Church, 1601 McKenna, San Francisco (415) 641-8719
This is something straight out of "Holmes On Homes". A very generous church with help for the eldery, the homeless, children- you name it- they're helping, with the worst wiring job I've ever seen- bar none! They called me in to get an estimate for a new sound system. The problem was the wiring was so wrong, so dangerous, their amplifiers had gone into protect mode and shut down. You know how you hook up a loudspeaker with 2 wires? I touched one wire to an amp and the loudspeaker came on!  It took a lot of time & sweat, but I've got them back up and running with them hearing their old system like they've never heard it before. Their great pastor, a former NFL player, cried when he heard it.

Salinas Church of the Nazarene,331 North Sanborn, Salinas (831) 424-5294
Very nice church with Community CPL42's, Crown amplifiers, Shure wireless mics, a Mackie SR24 mixing console, lots of custom wiring and Ace Backstage floor pockets.

San Mateo Buddhist Temple, 2 South Claremont, San Mateo (650) 342-25412
Incredible ornate temple with delightful staff. Three Community SLS915 loudspeakers, Crown CT-410 amplifier, Crown mics, Shure Wireless microphone system, Raxxess sectional wall rack, Anchor Audio AN100powered monitor.

San Ramon Valley Christian Fellowship, 12700 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon (925) 830-0113
A lovely sound system with Mackie Designs CR1604VLZ mixing console, four Community CSV8 loudspeakers for the mains and three Community CSV28 monitors, Anchor Audio AN100 powered monitors, Crown CM-700's for the piano and Shure handheld and wireless microphones, Crown 800CSL power amplifier, custom built snake by Rapco and stage boxes by Ace Backstage. Equalization by Rane.

St. Andrew, 1571 Southgate Ave., Daly City (650) 756-3223
Very nice church with an 8 ohm distributed system. Control from a Rane RPM88. Power sequencing by Furman. Amps by QSC CX series. Racks from Raxxess. Microphones from Shure & Countryman. Loudspeakers are Community, with a center SLS915 and 3 rings of CSV800's. Lobby and overflow room are also CSV800's. Under the altar, a CSV28M stage monitor. CD-RW's and cassette by Tascam. Choir has their own sub system. Due to the cell phone rage, we've added an active distro from Shure for their wireless mics. The system worked fine when no one was around, but filled up for services, the wireless (Shure ULXP) started dropping out. Again, cell phones aren't on the same frequencies as the wireless mics, but cell phones aren't shielded properly and when you have a room with 500 cell phones, it gets weird.

St. Anthony 3215 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco

Innovox SLA4.1 are the loudspeakers with a QSC PLA325, Rane Hal 4 & Shure ULXD wireless.

St. Augustine's 3700 Callan Blvd., South San Francisco
DSP by Symetrix Solus, amps by Ashly nX and still using some great Community CSV8's.
St. Bartholomew's 600 Columbia Dr. San Mateo (650) 347-0701
Shure wireless with Countryman E6 microphones

St. Boniface 133 Golden Gate, San Francisco Shure mics & mixers

St. Bruno's 555 West San Bruno Avenue, San Bruno (650) 588-2121 Community Entasys with QSC power, Earthworks & Shure mics & Symetrix Jupiter DSP.

St Catherine's, 3450 Tennessee St., Vallejo
We rescued a crippled and dying sound system and transformed it to a better system than it was when it was brand new. A Rane RPM26z digital signal processor replaced boatloads of 1980's graphic equalizers, compressors, delays. 2 Shure SCM810 automatic microphone mixers completed the system. Now the sound sparkles and is reliable. A very beautiful church. Shure wireless with Countryman E6 microphones. Innovox SLA-2.1 loudspeakers for front fill. All amps are QSC CX series.

St. Clare  725 Washington, Santa Clara (408) 248-7786

4 - Community SLS920s, Surge X SEQ power conditioner & sequencer & Rane RPM88 dsp.  7 masses each Sunday!

St. Cecilla School 660 Vincente, San Francisco (415) 731-8400

Their auditorium sound system left alot to be desired and the budget was practically nil. We installed 9 new Community Cloud 6 loudspeakers along with a QSC ISA 750 and a Rane MLM82- problem solved!

St. Charles, 88 Tamarack, San Carlos, (650) 591-7349

Nice open architecture. Earthworks gooseneck microphones, Surge-X SEQ power conditioner/ sequencer, QSC CX and CrownCom-Tech amplifiers, Shure wireless, Rane MLM82A mixer and Rane RPM26z. Completely re-wired. The school gym has a lovely little system with Community CPL43's, Rane MLM82, Symetrix 552E dual band parametric eq and Crown power in a rack by Rackman

St. Finn Barr, 415 Edna, SF (415) 333-3627  church. Innovox SLA-6.1 loudspeakers, Ashly nXp amp and APB Dynasonics Pro Spec mixer

St. Francis' Episcopal Church, 399 San Fernando Way, San Francisco (415)334-1590 Beautiful old church with a fantastic German pipe organ.

Community CSV8B loudspeakers, Shure LX wireless microphone system.

St. Gabriel's 2559 40th Ave. SF (415) 731-6161
Shure wireless microphones & a QSC CX 204V 4 channel power amp

St. James Baptist Church, 1470 Hudson, San Francisco (415) 648-5995
We udated their sound system with 2 Community CPL42 loudspeakers. Wow, what a difference! OmniMount brackets and some really nice CL3 rated 12 gauge cable in white (!) from Rapco.

St. James Catholic Church, 1086 Guerrero, San Francisco 415-824-4232 Nice church, nice people, great sound system with Innovox SLA-10's & SL2's. Lab Gruppen & QSC power, Shure ULXD & Earthworks mics, Rane AM2 & HAL4 & Surge X power.

Saint John Armenian Apostolic Church , 275 Olympia Way, San Francisco (415) 661-1142
Beautiful church and nice people. Community SLS915's for the sanctuary with a QSC CX702 amplifier. Control by a Rane MLM82a mixer and a Rane RPM22 digital processor. Monster power conditioning and Shure ULXP wireless' with Countryman E6 earworn microphone. Vestibule has a single Community I/O5.

Social Hall has Community SLS920's painted to match with Community TD2115 subwoofers. QSC PLX 3102 amplifiers. Rane MLM82a mixer, Rane RPM22 dsp.

St. John's Missionary Baptist Church, 825 Newhall, San Francisco (415)826-5639
Seven Community CPL42's have been  finished by Adrienne to match the decor of the church. They are used in a left, center, right, left rear and right rear configuration. Two more CPL42's are used for foldback. All 7 are on OmniMounts. A QSC CX1102  powers the Left's & Right's, a Crown K-1 is used for the foldbacks and one side of a Crown Com-Tech CT-810A runs the center loudspeaker. The other side of the CT-810 runs their lobby loudspeakers (CSV8's). The choir uses Shure SM57's while the Pastor has a Shure UC14/84 wireless lavalier. The pulpit recieved a new Crown LM-201A microphone. A 20 channel custom snake by Rapco connects to a new Mackie Designs SR24-VLZ. Power control is by Furman. We recycled the church's old Carver amplifier to run an additional Community CSX38M wedge monitor that jacks in when needed. Processing is by 2 Rane RPM2s.

St. John's Presbyterian 25 Lake, SF (415) 751-1626
Shure wireless mics, Community SLS915's & SBS25's, Rane RPM26z & QSC CX1102's. Absolutely stunningly beautiful church.  Great pastor.

St. Monica Church, Geary Ave & 24th Ave., San Francisco

Beautiful old church maintained in a perfect restoration. New gear includes Ashly amplifier, Countryman E6 microphone & an Innovox SLA-4.1 loudspeaker.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 415 El Camino, Burlingame (650) 348-4811
Very lovely sanctuary with an outstanding choir. We've installed a system for recording the choir with Sennheiser shotgun microphones, a Mackie 1604VLZPRO mixing console and a Denon pro CD/Cassette deck with the remote control from the pulpit. Loudspeakers are (7) Community CSV8's powered by Crown Com-Tech 410's at 4 ohms. Power sequencing by Furman. System EQ and control with a Shure DFR11EQ. Wireless mics are Shure UC's and pulpi & lecturn mics are Crown LM-201's.

St. Paul's Parish Church, 221 Valley, San Francisco (415)648-4740
Beautiful ornate old church where Whoopi Goldgerg filmed "Sister Act"  6 - Community Entasys & 2 - CSV8's loudspeakers, Surge-X power conditioning & sequencing, QSC CX amplifiers and Rane RPM88 & AM2 mixers & dsp. Earthworks podium mic.

St. Peter's Parish, 1200 Florida, San Francisco (415) 282-1652
Parish Hall: Community SLS915 and CSV8 loudspeakers, Crown CT-210 amplifier, Crown mics, Furman AC sequencer.  

Main Church: Sadly, another system done by consultants who didn't have a clue. We spent hours ripping junk out and fixing it. Another "Homes on Homes" type repair. The church had truly been ripped off by "professionals".

St. Pius Parish, 1100 Woodside Rd., Redwood City (650) 369-1411

Just the addition of a new Earthworks FM360 podium microphone solved a multitude of problems. We loaned them the mic to try and they wouldn't give it back. They've also upgraded with a Shure MX393 and a Countryman E6.

St. Thomas Apostle Church, Balboa Ave., San Francisco

Upgraded Fr. John's microphone to a Shure ULXP wireless with a Countryman E6 microphone (he loves it).

St. Veronica's Parish, 434 Alida Way, South San Francisco (650) 588-1455

St. Veronica built a new parish social hall and we installed a simple and easy to use sound system. It features 2 Community CPL43 loudspeakers on OmniMount's powered by a Crown CE-1000 amplifier. Equalization is a Symetrix dual parametric 553E. Custom patch panels by Rapco, locking steel equipment rack and sliding storage drawers by Rackman. Durable and all-purpose microphones are Shure SM-58's. Mixed through a Rane MLM82 mixer. Power conditioning and sequencing by Furman.

Transfiguration Episcopal Church,  3900 Alameda De Las Pulgas, San Mateo (650) 341-8206  Beautiful church, nice people. Innovox SLA6.1 loudspeakers, Surge-X SEQ  power conditioning and sequencing, QSC PL325 amps, Symetrix Solus processing, Rane AM2 automixer, Middle Atlantic cabinet. The Innovox are truly remarkable loudspeakers, ribbon HF and less than 2" deep.

West Portal Lutheran Church, 200 Sloat Blvd., San Francisco
Shure microphones & Shure ULXP wireless. Community SLS918 loudspeaker with a QSC CX902 power amplifier. Rane RPM26z digital processor with Furman PS-PRO II remote off/on. Main mixer is a Rane MLM82a. CD recorder from HHB.  With their old sound system, they used to call me every month to fix something or other. Since we've given them a fabulous new system, I never hear from them- hey Jan, how's it going?


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