Public Spaces

Alcatraz, The Rock, San Francisco (415)705-1042

Everyone knows Alcatraz. It is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area of the National Park Service. Tours everyday, hours vary according to season. Spectacular views of San Francisco and the Bay Area.  Averages 2000-4000 visitors a day. The rangers said they wanted a voice system for the dock that didn't sound like a tin can and had enough level to cut through the background noise of boats & helicopters. They also said they wanted a quality sound system as most of their visitors are used to hearing good audio. A Community R.5 really did the job. It justs sounds so clear and natural. 

We also have installed 9 "docent stations" where docents or Rangers can give talks. Each station has a Danley Go2-8 loudspeaker, a Lectrosonics R400A & SSM wireless microphone system, Surge-X power conditioner and a small JBL amplifier. Sounds really good!

Alliance Francaise 1345 Bush St. San Francisco (415) 775-7755

A nice small theater with Community R.25' loudspeakers, QSC PLX 1802 amplifier and a Shure SCM262 mixer.

Archbishop Riordan High School, 175 Phelan Ave., San Francisco

New athletic director Pete Russell wanted to improve the sound at the high school. First was the field with a Community R.25. Then we supplied some used Community RS-Jrs to the gym. Huge improvement!

Burlingame Masons Lodge, 145 Park, Burlingame

Beautiful old auditorium with 4 Community STS28 loudspeakers. Rane DSP, QSC amplifiers. Special thanks to Henry and the guys at Liberty Electric for their help.

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco (415)863-3330

Beautiful museum located on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. The Florence Gould Theater has the finest acoustics of any theater I've ever been in.
Sennheiser ALD System with Crown mics, Shure SC wireless, ASA Cases, Mackie Mixers.

Carlmont High School, Belmont

Very nice small theater with Community SLS 920's as stereo mains. Community SBS22's are "flown" under the stage from rubber isolators. Community MVP28's are used as stage monitors. Each loudspeaker has its own amp channel, QSC CX1102's for mains and subs and a QSC ISA750 for monitors. Each amp has its own 20 amp circuit, run off a Furman ASD120 distro-sequencer. There are two mixers: a Rane MLM82A for using the system locally, and a Mackie 1604VLZPRO for larger productions. We installed a 28 pair snake and many custom outlets and patch panels, all from Rapco. The mics are Shure and Crown, CD and cassettes are Tascam. Monitor eq's are from Rane and system control is a Community DSC52, which does all eq, limiting, delay and crossovers. The system sounds wonderful. This school is very lucky to have Rich Bice as their musical director. He was the head of Palto Alto Jazz Records and leader & trumpeter of the Full Faith & Credit big band. A really neat guy! see Application Note
We recently upgraded the Music Room there, too. A pair of Bose 802's had never sounded very good until the addition of a QSC CX502 with the nifty QSC DSP-3 plug-in module (eight bands of parametric eq per channel). A few minutes with the laptop and that system never sounded this good!

Cha Cha Cha's, 1801 Haight St. and McCarthy's 2327 Mission, San Francisco

(Haight St.) A very loud cuban restuarant and bar. Dining room has Community CPL27's and a Crown CL1. The bar has Community MVP25's and a QSC ISA750. Each room has a Shure SCM262 mixer.  McCarthy's has a Rane BB22 for their iPod going to QSC ISA 750 amplifiers and Community I/O5's loudspeakers with Community CPL51 subwoofers. A Middle Atlantic rack and power sequencer complete the install.

Fort Point

Right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge is this old historic monument. Community Wet 228's sparkle in salt air. Crown power amps, Shure microphones and a Furman mixer complete this marvelous sound system.

Intersection For The Arts, 446 Valencia, San Francisco (415) 626-2787

Wonderful theater for performances and plays. Community CPL43's, Community XTL55 subwoofer, Crown power amps and mics

Kelseyville High School, Kelseyville, CA

A wonderfull sound system for the atheletic field. 2 Community R.5HP's cover the home side with a Community R1 for the visitors side. All powered by a QSC PLX3602 and a Shure SCM262 mixer.We've also upgraded the gym with 5 Community R.25's and a CPL51 subwoofer. Power by a Lab Gruppen C10:4X amplifier with a Monster power conditioner, Rane RPM2 digital processor and a Shure SCM262 mixer.

Livermore High School Theater, Livermore

A beautiful, restored theater where the center cluster wasn't covering the under balcony areas. We added a Community SLS915 on each side that completely accomplishes the job. Powered by a Crown K-1 amplifier with a Rane ME30B. A simple solution to a complicated problem!

Live Oak Theater, 1301 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley (510) 649-5999

A small performing arts theater for plays. We added a Community CPL46 for effects and playback. QSC power.

Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont

A system for their sports field with Community R.5 loudspeakers and a small rack with a Rane mixer and a QSC power Amp.

The gym has 2 Danley SM80's with a Danley TH112 subwoofer.  Processing by Symetrix, power by QSC PL325's.


230 Calif. St. SF Large ristorante & bar.  Another "Holmes on Homes" type job.  They were totally screwed by a big box store who tried to install a sound system.

San Francisco Housing Authority

We redid their Commission Room that has public hearings. Shure SCM810's automatic microphone mixers and a Shure DFR11EQ5 automatic feedback reducer. QSC speakers for their light weight and a QSC CX404 4-channel power amp. No 70 volt here!

San Francisco Mime Troupe, San Francisco
(415) 285-1717

An international touring company of political satire. Many famous actors and actresses have started their careers with the San Francisco Mime Troupe.
Tour system : Community RS220's, VBS212's, CSX28M's, Carver Amplifiers, Rane equalizers, Ramsa WR-S4424 mixing console with Anvil cases.

San Francisco University High School, San Francisco
(415) 447-3100

We've done a wonderful outdoor system for their beautiful courtyard with Community WET228's, a Crown CL1 and a Rane MLM82A. We've also now done their gym with a single Community CPL43 loudspeaker with a Mackie 406M powered mixer.

San Francisco Zoo Great Hall

Beautiful room that looks old but is new construction. Great system with 4 Community STS28's, a Shure DFR22 that controls everything, Shure wireless, Rane MLM82a mixer and a QSC CX1102 amplifier. ZOO TRAIN : We've also converted one of the guided tour trains with Community I/O5's loudspeakers with an amp/ mixer from Inter-M and a Shure headset mic.

Town School For Boys, San Francisco

Their cafeteria is a busy, multi-function space. Community I/O8 loudspeakers, QSC amp, Monster power center, Shure ULXP wireless and a Shure mixer.

The gym has 2 Danley Sound Labs SH-100's with a QSC amp, Shure wireless mics and a Rane mixer.

University of California, Berkeley, Earthquake Engineering Research Center

This is where they run earthquake simulations on structures. They needed a high quality voice system with good intelligibilty and projection. Using a single Community SLS920 it was easy. Other equipment includes a Rane DMS22 dual mic pre (very cool), Shure UC wireless and a Crown CL1 power amplifier. It sounds great!

Arena Theater, 214 Main St. Point Arena

This Mendocino community came together and restored this beautiful theater. We didn't get the sale but the drive was worth it!

Whippersnapper, 1613 Fourth St. San Rafael (415) 256-1818

A nice restuarant owned by Chef Bill, who made ChaChaCha's & McCarthy's in SF.

We normally don't do home theater projects but a few people have pleaded with us and we've completed some nice ones. Here's a picture of one of those, with 5-Community CSV8B's and a CommunityVBS210 subwoofer.

La Peņa Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley (510)849-2573
Premier performance theater for all third world music & dance. Restaurant & gift shop. Non-profit run, also offers community outreach and education. La Peņa does many, many benefits.

Community RS NFB's flown in stereo, Community VBS212 subwoofers, Community CSX38M monitors, all Carver PM 1400 power, Rane EQ's.

Skylark, 3089 16th St, San Francisco (415) 621-9294

Community CSX25-S2's (front),Community RS660's (rear) & Community TD218S subwoofer. QSC ISA750 &PLX3602 power amplifiers. Rane RPM26z DSP & Rane BB22. Middle Atlantic rack and power sequencer. Recently we simpified the users interface with a Rane BB22 behind the bar for iPods and the DJ system direct into the Rane RPM26z DSP. There's a Rane VP2 volume control behind the bar and that's it.

Houses of Worship


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