Why Hire Us?

Consultants and Music Stores really don't know what they're doing in this field.

Consultants have academic experience not real world experience. They rarely re-visit a customer after the work is completed to see if their design worked or the customer is happy with the result.  I could pile up all of the equipment needed in the center of the room and most consultants couldn't put it all together in a safe and working condition. There has been so many jobs we've been called in to fix and we look at it and go "why did they do this?" and it's because that's the way the consultant spec'd it.

Music Stores are even worse. How long does someone work at a store? Not very long. Typically, it's an entry level job. Stores are heavily restricted in the products they sell. Manufacturers of audio equipment have 3 levels of gear: M.I. (musical instrument), Pro & Commercial. The music stores can only sell that company's M.I. line. M.I. products just aren't good enough to do the job.

We won't sell or use a piece of equipment that performs poorly. Do music stores follow that philosophy? No, they'll sell any piece of junk made. Consultants will (and do) spec equipment they've never seen or used.

This whole field of "Design/ Build" is gaining acceptance today. We see it in freeways, bridges and all kinds of construction. You need people who do the work with years of experience and know which way is up. We don't sell something just because we get the best mark up on it. We design a system based on our experience and your needs.

Is a professional sound system too expensive? No. Pro gear generally runs just slightly higher than M.I. gear but will perform far better and outlast the other by many years. We get zero service calls. We do get called back to a client's facility to replace a mic that was stolen or things like that but other than 2 amplifier failures in the last 21 years, zero.

Frequently we demo equipment for the potential client at the client's facility. That way the client(s) gets to see, hear, touch and use the equipment before purchase. Total cost? Zero. If a company wants to charge you for a demo, walk away.

Use a company that cares about what they do and check out their references.

Many, many times we've done a sound system for a church. Then they'll call us back and want us to do a system for their social hall.  That's how we know we've done it right.

Everyone says everything's made in China these days but most of my installs are all American: power from Surge-X,  amps from Ashly or Powersoft, speakers from Danley & Innovox, mixers from APB, wire and cable from Conquest and DSP by Symetrix. It can be done and done well.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) MAP is something done by the audio equipment manufacturer's that protects small companies like ours from the internet sellers. It means (for example) you can't get a mic cheaper on the internet than you can from us. If a company doesn't respect MAP they get dropped as a dealer.

Angie's List & Yelp are NOT really here to help us, they are here to make money. The tip off is they are ".com" not ".org". The idea that there is a communal referral list is great idea but these companies have underlying motives. The Better Business Bureau is close to the same thing. All of them want companies to pay for their listings.