Made In China ???

Out of 20 of the most polluted cities in the world, 13 are in China.

That's right:

Out of 20 of the most polluted cities in the world, 13 are in China.

Many of the audio equipment manufacturers are starting to make their products in China. Community makes too many loudspeakers there, QSC some amplifiers and all their speakers,  Shure & Rane has moved to China,  Danley never has - never will.   Mackie & Furman, whom we used to do business with, makes everything in China.

The problem with China lies in the fact that they have, basically, no environmental regulations. They have  all of the world's major car manufacturer's have plants there, making cars  (Volkswagen, General Motors, ect...) but none of those vehicles would pass the emissions standards in their own countries!

So, I'm against doing business in China. It's not about waving the flag, it's not about the impact of local jobs, it's about the gross exploitation and money before morals.

You may get all excited about these cheap products, but it's a disaster for the rest of the planet. Gear made in China doesn't have to pass any environmental regulation like they do here in the US or the EU.  Manufacturers in China can use any solvents, paints and chemicals they please. You might think it's groovy that you can get a tube mic for $199 but it sucks for the rest of us and it will really suck for your kids.

There used to be a speaker company not far from me that had 2 buildings across the freeway from each other. One building was located in that city's jurisdiction and housed the finished goods and offices. The other building, across the freeway was in an unincorporated area. That was where they built the speaker cabinets and used solvents and chemicals that weren't allowed in the city 100 feet away. I always thought this company sucked. They only cared about their profit not our future.

We all want to better our society.

Buy only from companies that don't rape the planet.

Everyone says everything's made in China these days but most of my installs are all American: power from Surge-X,  mics from Countryman,  amps from Ashly and Powersoft,  speakers from Danley & Innovox,  mixers from  APB, wire and cable from Conquest Sound and DSP by Symetrix. It can be done and done well.