Application Note : Carlmont High School Theater
A beautiful, small performance space. We wanted to recess the subwoofers horizontally into the face of the stage. However, there was no trap door into the stage and the only access was from a storm drain outside the building!

Our good friend master carpenter Rene Kubicki (who helped us with the subwoofers at the Baha'i Center in SF) came to the rescue. After a through site inspection (ie.. we crawled through the icky storm drain), Rene cut a trap door into the stage (which is over 8 inches thick!). This enabled us access to suspend the subs with these cool isolated springs from OmniMount. With that finished, Rene added extra framing and put the cut-out piece of stage back. He then tore up little strips of paper and filled in the entire gap around all four sides of the "door". Then he laid a bead of caulk around the gap and wiped it flush. He finished it off by rubbing some paint (the stage is painted flat black) over the cut-out so one would have to look very closely to see that it was even there (the school didn't want a full-time trap door).
The trick with the strips of paper did two things: one, it stabilized the gap between the cut-out wood and the stage, so it didn't move, and two, it didn't allow the caulking to drip down in the gap. So if anyone ever needs to get back inside the stage a simple razor blade will cut the caulking and (PRESTO!) trap door. Neat, huh?